miércoles, 20 de abril de 2016

Lemon & ICT

A couple of weeks ago, I started a seminar on using technology in the EFL classroom. To begin, I compared the use of ICT (Information and Communications Technology) with lemon… they have a lot in common :)

Lemon is sour – really sour. Our reaction when we try lemon for the very first time is usually that of rejection  However, many of us get over it and decide that it isn’t that bad after all… there’s something good about it.

Lemon is delicious. There certainly might be people who disagree but, to me, food with lemon tastes good: lemon pie, lemon icecream, lemon filled sandwich cookies, tea with lemon… and it’s just not the same without the lemon.

Lemon is invisible. We can’t really say it’s a staple food. In fact we have it as something that is there but unnoticeable, something that enhances flavor but doesn’t prevail. Lemon is invisible to the point that we wouldn’t decide to prepare a certain recipe just because we have lemon at home.

Lemon is ubiquitous: it’s everywhere. Not only do we know lemon as something we can eat and drink, but we also see it in detergents, perfumes, air fresheners, bleach, deodorant and a long list of products.

Lemon is personal. Although we can admit that a lot of people add lemon to food, there’s no rule as to what goes well with it… soup, “empanadas”, soda, alcoholic beverages, “milanesas”… No doubt this is a personal choice.

Lemon is necessary. When someone tends to be anemic, like me for example, it’s common that the doctor recommends that you have your meat with lemon since it helps absorb iron. Lemon is good for sore throats, to remove stains, to lose weight, and so on.

I believe that ICT and lemon have a lot in common. Our first reaction when we’re faced with a new app or digital tool may be that of rejection. But once we get used to technology, we learn to do things we wouldn’t have dreamed of doing before. Just like lemon, ICT is –or should be– invisible, it's a means to an end. Just like lemon, technology is everywhere. The way we use ICT is personal; we decide when to use it, what for and how. Finally, technology is necessary for students that were born in a digital era and learn in new ways.

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  1. Such an interesting perspective! :) I had never thought of it that way! I feel especially identified with the "rejection" part, but I will try to continue advancing in the list, mainly with technology :P

  2. I was there!! I remember this class, it was awesome! I'll never forget it... Great comparison!